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  • Silverpiglet22

    Active Wiki contributors can now receive awards for making edits. Check your talk page! [1]

    In order, the ranks are RED, GREEN, BLUE, SILVER, BRONZE, and GOLD.  If you reach gold, you can talk to an admin about being promoted to administrator.  It's not hard, and we need more admins!

    Don't know where to start?  Contact me on my talk page.

    Thanks!  Silverpiglet22 (talk) 21:01, January 6, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Silverpiglet22

    Unknown Hyperpod

    June 17, 2015 by Silverpiglet22

    I recently embarked research on a Hotwheels Hyperpod.  I've never seen any photos, details, or background on this model.  (Read more below gallery)

    I wanted to know if anyone had details on the unit.  If you have any information, either respond here, my talk page , comment on Google Drive , or Email me @

    For more Details, please visit Google Drive

    The first contributer to contact me with legit detail will get to choose the next image for the Acceleracers Wiki wallpaper.

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