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The Wheel of Power is a powerful ball of energy with three gold-colored wheels that spin around it. It is capable of opening portals into the Racing Realms and powering very large areas with its huge amount of energy. The Wheel of Power made its first appearance in the World Race, and became an important object throughout the Hotwheels movie series.


The Wheel of Power is made out of 3 wheel-like rings that spin in different directions. In Hotwheels World Race, it appeared to be chrome on the outside, with glowing foreign letters, but orange on the inside, but in Acceleracers, appeared to be entirely golden.

The Wheel of Power was said to have so much power that it's too dangerous to channel it for personal use. This was demonstrated near the climax of World Race when the Wheel caused a major blackout that "blew every fuse in North America".

In the beginning of Acceleracers, Gelorum steals the Wheel of Power from Hot Wheels City in an attempt to dominate Earth. Dr. Tezla, however, created a hologram that resonates the same frequencies of the actual Wheel of Power, allowing the racers to access the realms.

Following the Ultimate Race, Vert Wheeler was gifted a wisdom circle that likely combines with the 3 from the Wheel of Power. It's purpose is currently unknown.



  • The Wheel of Power seems to be modeled after an Ophanim.
  • In Hotwheels World Race, the Wheel of Power would fire a beam which opens up a large portal ahead of the driver, once they reach 300 miles per hour. However, in Acceleracers, the Wheel would choose a random letter representing a Racing Realm, and a portal ball would appear in the center.
  • Only humans can remove the Wheel from Hot Wheels City, So it's unknown how Gelorum was able to steal it.