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World Race: Frozen Fire is the 4th episode of World Race.


The drivers are starting their engines when Marky tells Alec and Vert that he doesn’t view Kurt as his brother anymore. After Tezla gives the drivers good luck, the starting drone usually goes from 3 red lights to yellow and then to green, but this time, something different happens. In the previous episode, Kurt Wylde was disqualified from competing in the final leg of the world race. When he’s driving away from the 4th complex, Gelorum uses a magnet from her helicopter to lift Slingshot into the air. She constructs a new plan to bring two CLYP Corporation racing drones through the portal with him ahead of the drivers and Kurt’s objection to the idea is ignored. On yellow, Kurt and the CLYP drivers make a run for the portal with the other drivers following behind them. Other times, Nitrox would be used and the portal would open on land, but this time the portal opens over water. Tono of Street Breed fails to make the jump and it’s implied that Kurt took his Nitrox from him to use for himself and the drone racers.

The last leg of the world race is situated on an icy glacier leading to an ocean that reaches a city with the Wheel of Power at the end. Inside an ice cavern, CLYP drivers drop spike balls onto the track leading Esmeralda to run into one of them. The Scorchers use their lava plows to clear the road and the drivers decide to work together after the CLYP drivers drop a bomb onto a part of the glacier, knocking the ice onto the track. Everyone stops at the roadblock as Banjee uses his saw blade to cut the ice and as Taro moves it out of the way. Markie uses his jump jets to jump over the roadblock to chase his brother. By this time, the drones have taken to the air and deploy anti-vehicle mines. When Kurt finds out that his brother is in the lead and that he can’t get the robots to detonate the mines, he tries to get Markie to stop, but he ignores him before setting them off. He attempts to outrun them, but he gets blown up into the air and is about to take a big fall when he uses his grappling hook to save himself, but knocks himself unconscious in the process.

The other drivers are done getting rid of the roadblock when they feel the earth shaking and drive on the road ahead wondering what it was. Vert tries to get a hold of Markie but he fails to answer which makes him think that something has gone wrong. Kurt arrives at where the explosion has happened and gets out of his car against the CLYP drivers orders. He pretends to agree with them about the wheel being the important thing, but uses this to lure the robot behind him so he can back into it with Slingshot. He goes to help his brother first when the robot tries to use an ice chunk to kill Kurt showing the contrast between human emotion and robots inability to understand it. Markie at this point wakes up and sees what is happening to Kurt and uses his jump jets to swing over to knock the drone racer off the icy cliff.

Kurt tries to convince Markie to help him keep Tezla from getting the Wheel of Power, but he gets told that Markie won’t cheat to win the race. He’s become a better driver, but fails to shift into a lower gear which causes him to spin out on some ice and run into a wall. Earlier, Vert and the other drivers went off road because the mines covered the track in too much snow and at this point they came back onto the main track to find out Markie was ok. A CLYP driver drops another bomb onto the track covering it with ice allowing Dan Dresdan, Kurt, and Vert to pass, but leaving Banjee to take out his saw blade once again. Later, the drone uses its wing to flip Dan Dresdan off the track, but fails to do the same thing with Vert as he has jump jets to get him safely back on the track. He swerves left and right to take out the 2nd robot. He does a barrel roll jump off the ice, but when Kurt tries to outdo him, he hits an ice pillar and loses the battle. Vert reaches the end of the glacier and goes across the ocean. A water leg that was considered for the movie was cut out. He reaches the city and the Wheel of Power before a CLYP driver can stop him. At this point, all drivers were transported back to the salt flats, the location of the original proving ground.



  • World Race: Frozen Fire and Wheel of Power came out on the same day and they are combined into one episode when they came out on VHS. Consequently, the episode's title card says, "Episode 4: Wheel of Power" when that is the name of the 5th episode.
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