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World Race: Ring of Fire is the first episode of World Race.


Before the first race, Vert’s mindset is that he doesn’t need a team saying “I’m a team of one”. He rejects his friend Alec’s offer to join an amateur skateboard team to get sponsored, gets upset when his dad didn’t let him drive the car after he got his license when his dad has to leave to help his squadron, and also rejects Lani’s offer to join up as Wave Rippers. He gets into a beef with Scorchers leader Taro Kitano after he uses his grappling hook by accident making them both spin out. This rivalry continues into the 1st leg of the race which takes place on an orange Hot Wheels track with yellow arrows. The setting is a world with dark rocks that lead to a loop and a volcano with smoke billowing from its chimney behind it.

While Vert is busy site seeing, a driver named Kurt Wylde takes the lead after knocking him into Kadeem making them wipe out establishing that the cars in the movie are highly advanced to the point of being indestructible. Banjee eventually passes Kurt and fails to complete the loop, deploying his parachute to land safely on the track. Kurt and Taro don’t have enough speed to complete a jump after the loop and failure to make it to the other side would mean falling into a river of lava, but Vert does a half pipe skateboarding trick to get through the loop before barely making the jump.

Upset at what just happened, Taro later catches up to Vert and they bump each other off the road after going through a twisting track and this causes the other drivers to pass them on the way inside the volcano. A mysterious driver named Zed-36 sets off an explosion with a bottle of nitrox that Banjee and Kadeem narrowly avoid. Lava erupts from the volcano as Vert uses his jump jets to get through ahead of the lava like he’s riding a wave. Taro uses his lava tires and plow to get through the lava that had fallen onto the track, but Lani can’t get through on her attempt and needs to be saved by Taro and Vert.

The drivers use their grappling hook to try and lift the boulder she is standing on out of the lava, but it’s too heavy, so she holds onto Vert’s grappling hook while he uses his jump jets to send Lani flying upward and onto the track to safety. The problems and differences between Vert and Taro have been worked out and they share playful jabs at each other. Kurt Wydle wins the world race to find out that this wasn’t the end of the world race and gets covered in mud when Kadeem comes out of the portal to earth. The drivers find out in Tezla’s 2nd headquarters that they would race as teams with Kurt Wylde, Brian Kadeem, Banjee Castillo, Taro Kitano and Vert Wheeler being the team leaders. At the end of the episode, Vert decides that maybe having a team would be necessary and that he’d do anything to win the race gaining the respect from Taro.



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