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World Race: Greatest Challenge is the 2nd episode of World Race.


While the 1st episode focused around Taro, this one focuses on Banjee Castillo, Esmeralda Sanchez, and Skeet of the Road Beasts. After taking a shortcut through a jungle in the 2nd leg of the world race, the Road Beasts and Wave Rippers run into a rotating wheel that they don’t know how to traverse which Banjee dubs as the greatest challenge. They can’t turn back because Zed-36 destroyed a bridge they had crossed on the way. Luckily, Lani Tam does some calculations and figures out that the drivers have to go 163 mph within a certain timeframe to get through. Everything is going smoothly until Mark Wylde, Kurt’s younger brother, doesn't reach the correct speed making him come into contact with the wheel which causes a nitrox bottle to pop loose from his car that explodes as he barely makes it to the other side. What is it with Kurt, Mark Wylde and nitrox bottles?

The wheel starts rotating uncontrollably and can no longer be timed by Lani to tell Banjee and Vert when to start, so they take a gamble and go at it at full speed. The tops of their cars knock into the wheel one last time as they go through causing it to spin too fast for it to handle and it explodes. Taro and Kadeem finish 1st in a tie staying on the main road to complete the race. Kurt’s little brother Mark Wylde snuck into the race inside the trunk of Kurt’s car at the beginning of the first episode and took his car before getting confronted. He asks Kurt to join his team, but it’s full leaving him to join the Wave Rippers and showing off his inexperience at many points during the episode. He blames Banjee for putting the Road Beasts and Wave Rippers in last place, but Vert stops him and he agrees with Banjee that the next time they race, it will happen on the real track. This shows that skirting the rules like Banjee did when going back to the 1st leg or going on the shortcut may actually take them down a path that makes things take longer.

Whenever Kurt Wylde goes ahead of other drivers during a race, and with his car only showing aesthetic color changes from purple to black, it is clear that he is Zed-36 (and that this movie is made by Canadian’s). The story uses dramatic irony to let the viewer know who this driver is when the characters in the story do not know yet. Because the movie is for 5 year olds, it’s very intentional about it, so it’s very easy to make this connection. After the teams chosen by the drivers learn about the Wheel of Power at the end of Highway 35, Zed-36 tells the main villain Gelorum about it and is told that Telza isn’t to be trusted. He makes several attempts to sabotage the drivers, but ultimately decides against it when Marky starts to attempt the greatest challenge. He can’t talk about his brother to Gelorum in person as it might put him out of a job, and is told to win the race at all costs, even if it meant hurting the other drivers in the process.



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