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World Race: Wheel of Power is the 5th episode of World Race.


Vert Wheeler has been declared the winner of the world race; he and his Wave Rippers receive 5 million dollars for winning, but Tezla no longer needs the cars they own. Banjee pins Vert winning down to being lucky and asks for another race in a fun way. Vert becomes disappointed when he finds out there would be no more racing on Highway 35 since the Wheel of Power had been removed and tries to talk to Tezla about wanting to race on the track again with some help from Lani and Taro busting down the door. Meanwhile, Kurt tells Gelorum about Tezla having the Wheel of Power then finds out he was being used. Back at the cube, Dr. Tezla explains that Highway 35 was a test to see if humanity could harness a zero point energy source like the wheel. He boasts about powering the whole country with a fraction of its power when a power spike knocks out the power and destroys his robot Gigs circuits. There is a realization that putting too much power in one person’s hands is dangerous. After the power is restored, Kadeem tries to leave but can’t because there is an army of CLYP drones blocking the way.

Gelorum threatens to destroy the complex if she doesn’t get the Wheel of Power in 3 minutes. Vert takes responsibility for bringing the wheel out of Highway 35 and volunteers to be the one to take it back; Everyone is on the same team now. Outside, Gelorum’s drones are about to attack when the door of the complex is busted down by the Scorchers lava plows which paves the way to catching the drones off guard by smashing into them and paving the way for Taro and Vert. Gelorum tries to use her magnet to lift the Deora II, but when Taro and Vert switch, it causes the flying robot drones to run into her helicopter making her crash. They use Nitrox and the Wheel of Power lights up when they reach 300 mph firing out a beam of light which opens the portal. After they enter, Gelorum stumbles out of her downed helicopter and tells the drones to get the wheel even if they have to destroy the drivers. Kurt tries to convince her not to hurt the drivers, but her blue sparking eye reveals that she was a robot herself.

The drivers come out of the portal in the city area which is the final place in the movie. CLYP fliers try to drop bombs on them, so Kadeem gives the drivers the idea of splitting up to make it harder for them to be targeted as a group. At this point, every driver has at least one drone following them. Banjee goes through a half loop. Taro and Kadeem go through small loops before driving at each other a full speed. At the last second, they hit a block and get out of the way before 2 CLYP drivers collide. Vert gets knocked off the track by a drone before landing below. He narrowly evades Alec and uses his jump jets to fly over Banjee resulting in another CLYP collision, but this stops his car from starting. Before a drone is about to take the wheel, Kurt comes out of the portal and uses his grappling hook to send it flying into the wall. Kurt admits that he took the wrong road for a while and that he made mistakes. He jump-starts Vert’s car and agrees to put the wheel back.

Gelorum has a really big flying CLYP vehicle, so she comes out of the portal into the city with it. Alec and Lani go through a track that looks like a Hot Wheels playset that bites down, destroying a few drones. Kadeem is also able to get rid of some of the drones while falling down a steep section of the track. Vert is about to get the Wheel of Power to its destination when Gelorum uses a laser to cut the ramp forcing him to try again with very little Nitrox 2 left. As he attempts it again, Gelorum tries to cut his car in half when Kurt knocks her out of the air. Vert uses the last of his Nitrox and uses his jump jets to put the Wheel of Power back and light up the city. The CLYP organization runs away and says that they will return.

The drivers look at the spire where the Wheel of Power sits and call the place Hot Wheels City. Kadeem is about to leave when Vert gives him his check for $5 million for his people. He said it is he and his people would not forget this. Vert has to go get in touch with his dad. The other drivers he met along the way told him that he should come back some time for a race just for fun. When he gets back to Tezla’s complex he finds his dad is there and that Tezla was able to restore Gigs operating systems. Vert’s father Major “Jack” Wheeler compliments him on what had learned, but then grounds him for a month. Before that though, he asks to take the Deora II for a spin. When the Deora II is all set, Gig gives them the go ahead, and they drive straight on an open road. Vert’s dad notices how complicated everything looked. He hits the button to use Nitrox 2, they hit 300 mph to open a portal, go in and the movie ends after it closes.



  • World Race: Frozen Fire and Wheel of Power came out on the same day and they are combined into one episode when they came out on VHS. Consequently, the episode's title card says, "Episode 4: Wheel of Power" when that is the name of the 5th episode.

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